Welcome to My World of Everything Yummy!

Director/DP/Editor - Tyler Murgo

My name is Morgan Gray! Born & raised in the Ocean State, I've fallen in love with my home. Our tiny state has so much to offer- including the booming food scene. It's not a surprise that throughout my experiences, I've stuck fairly close to my roots while exploring the world of pastry.

Whisk Me Away is where my passion truly lies. Some time ago, I decided to put on big girl pants and start a business that I was able to flourish with- this is something that I've been dreaming up for a long time. I get to work with amazing individuals to come up with some badass edible creations. It ties in my love for human interaction and my passion for everything delicious and beautiful. My heart and my head are in the kitchen, and I couldn't have picked a better way to spend my days. I'm diligent and determined, but I love to have fun and dance my way through every creation that leaves my hands.

I accept orders year round, for events of any kind- birthdays, weddings, baby showers, just because- you name it! Each dessert is made fresh to order and only from small batches. I ensure only the best quality, as I meticulously work on every pastry that leaves my hands.

That's a whole lot about me, and not enough about you. Let's connect! If you feel like I'd vibe with your vision, I'd love to meet up and dream up the perfect way to celebrate your day.

If you'd like a look into my experience with food & my resume, click here!

(401) 316 4306


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