Whisk Me Away is an ocean state based bakery specializing in cakes, desserts, and pastries for every occasion.

Photo by Trevor Holden

Photo by Trevor Holden

We cater to Rhode Island events, and surrounding areas. Although we specialize in weddings and private events, don’t get it twisted— we still visit you through local markets, sell our product in various stores, and still can’t wait to get down with you in our new bakehouse (!!!) Check the ‘Catch Us’ tab above to see all of the details.

We work with fresh ingredients, none of that stuff that can’t be pronounced. We enjoy sugar, copious amounts of creamy butter, and the only syrup we wanna hear about is real deal maple (no corn syrup, please).

Our cakes are designed and intended to be enjoyed fresh, room temperature, and on an empty stomach. We applaud dessert for every meal and would love for you to have as much room as possible in your stomach for sweet treats.

A promise from us to you — your order is made in small batch, fresh, and meticulously worked on. It’s probably seen some crazy dance moves and heard a bit of terrible singing, but hey- can you blame us? Kitchen life needs a bit of spice, and so do we.