& so it begins...

I have to admit, I've been wanting to start this website for a while. I'm not quite sure what was holding me back, but I'm excited to finally begin this new endeavor! Although I've been baking out of my house for years now, starting this will take it to a new level and I'll be able to work with all of you though out this exciting journey!

I've been working in the foodservice industry for a few years now and I've learned more than I could've ever imagined. Walking into my first full time kitchen job at a high end hotel in Newport, I was immediately given a large amount of responsibility and freedom. Although slightly terrifying for most 20 year olds, I took full advantage of this and explored the pastry world in depth. I spent hours upon hours in my home kitchen testing recipes to perfect for new menu changes and weekend specials, just to transfer them over to my work kitchen and continue the process. My free time was gobbled up with adult responsibilities and the stress of a full time Pastry Chef position. Yet, I wouldn't trade that experience for the world. I was thrown into it, and I couldn't be more thankful. My work family pushed me and applauded my hard work as I reached new levels within my position. I learned more in two years at my first full time job than I did in my many years of research and interest.

As I left my previous job, I was looking forward to new opportunities, but scared that I wouldn't be able to live up to what I had created over my past two years. Truth be told, I'm beyond happy at my current job as well! Rogue Island in Providence has given me countless opportunities to let my creative side show and they continue to push me within my field. They also have completely embraced my crazy side, funny taste in music and terribly corny dance moves. It's a perfect fit! I urge you to stop by Rogue when you get the chance- yeah...maybe I'm a little bias. We serve lunch & dinner throughout the week, and a killer brunch on the weekends. Stop by and try one of my donut specials on Saturdays and Sundays, or try any of our seriously delicious menu items. I know, I know, I'm bias!

Enough about my background, and maybe some more about what exactly this is. Whisk Me Away is a concept I've thought about for years. Eventually, a bakery/cafe type spot with this name would be ideal, but let's start small and work our way there, right? Whisk Me Away includes cakes, breads, cookies, pastries, and any other food you want to explore with me. I have an inquiries page so you can place orders with me and we can go over pricing together. I'll constantly throw new photos up here, but you should probably give my Instagram a follow for very frequent updates (@morganngray). I also plan to post on the blog with new cake designs, events I'm working on, and anything else my head can conjure up. I want everyone as involved as possible, because none of my current success would be possible without people like you. Continue to check back, but I'll make sure to bombard the internet when I post something new, so hopefully you won't miss it.

Stay Sweet!!