the journey, pt.1

Greetings! It's been quite some time, and so much has changed. I figured a blog post would be a nice way to cover my bases and kick off a really exciting part of the journey.

Last we spoke, I was working in cozy lil' Prov, and absolutely killing my funkiest of dance moves while baking up fre$h goodies, and mad donuts. Not long after I last caught you up, I was presented with a really great opportunity. Although leaving my Providence familia was one of the hardest things that I've ever had to do (real tears), I knew that big girl pants were required for my next steps. I was offered a Pastry Chef position in Boston, opening up a new and exciting restaurant in the city. The experience taught me boat loads...and I'm not talking canoes...I'm talking massive boats. 

I was put into another lead position which allowed me some new perspectives. I built skills not only in the kitchen, but also in the industry which I have worked so hard within. I wasn't just baking and creating- I was interviewing, hiring, teaching, mentoring, communicating, leading, and building something completely new with a team around me. I had never experienced the opening of a new venue- the trials, tribulations, successes, letdowns, breakdowns, intensity, responsibility, ..the raw and undivided commitment. The restaurant was my life, and my life was the restaurant. I'm familiar with the position of Pastry Chef, I know the position, I'm comfortable within it. I've been writing up and designing menus and desserts since my first Pastry Chef position in Newport, the food doesn't scare me. But the position of leader? That was a new one.

I've been used to being a 'one man show'. Pastry departments usually aren't the biggest of communities, so I had grown comfortable doing it myself and only depending on what I brought to the table. In my past jobs, the recipes were mine, the execution was me, the presentation was my own- I had grown accustomed to this after doing it for a couple of different restaurants, no pastry squad was surrounding me. Building a team, especially for an opening, is a lot scarier than it seems, people. But here I am- surviving, thriving, and only a few bumps and bruises along the way.

Fast forward. The team was built, the desserts were made, the restaurant opened, the lines were to the door- and the food was effing good.

I took a lot from my time in the city and I grew so much, not only in the kitchen, but also as a person. I'm stronger than I was, I'm more confident in my work and in myself, and I'm f*cking grateful- for myself, for my love of food, and for my crazy support system which has seen me through my toughest of times and propelled me to where I am at this very moment. With these things- I'm happy. Grateful and happy. 

Brings me to my next big girl move. I decided that Boston wasn't for me. Another hard decision on my list, but also the right one. It took a lot of thought and a ton of strength, but I knew that my future was not where I currently was and I needed something more. So, I gave my notice and was scared shitless of the road ahead. As my days of employment trickled down, I gave some serious thought to what I want out of this life and what makes me feel fulfilled. That was my goal- to feel fulfilled. And not the kind of fulfilled you feel when you 'get through' a long day at work and manage to check off your 'to do' list at home- I'm talking about the kind of fulfilled that makes you literally tear up at the thought of being one step closer to your dream- not on cue, but if you sit and think about it long enough, you actually get emotional. That's where I wanted to be..... not tearing up everyday (I'm an emotional lady, but not that emotional).... but making serious and clear steps towards my ultimate goal. And what's my ultimate goal?? Are you wondering??? Can you guess? No? Really...? I'm rolling my eyes at you.


That's it. That's the goal. It was sitting in front of me the whole time, I was just too scared to leap for it. I always thought 'when I'm older.....' 'when I have the money....' 'when I'm ready....'

Please, young naive Morgan, tell me- when will you be ready? Trick question, older and wiser Morgan! You will never be ready. So, leap. And if you fall- it's just some bumps and bruises- you've survived worse. But if you fly, you'll be a step closer and tearing up at the thought

... and you'll also be flying, which is pretty effing cool.




Come visit Pilotworks in Providence tomorrow (12/9). It's the kitchen I'm baking out of and building my business from. We're having a Holiday Market with amazing vendors- including some like myself, who are members- cooking and baking out of this new space. I'll be selling some Whisk goodies and would love to see some of your smiling faces.

55 Cromwell Street. Providence     12pm-4pm.





Thank you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Stay Sweet,