If you like it then you shoulda..


I find myself saying "It's been quite some time!" maybe a bit too much. So, it's time to put a ring on it. Blog-wise...I mean. Officially official. (Cue the undeniable chuckle that follows as you make sense of the title..right? pls laugh). I'll be coming up with a posting schedule soon, and will keep y'all right in that loop. 

These past few months have been buzzing with opportunity, dessert, growth, and maybe a few less mental breakdowns than the months prior  ...I call that success, people!

But, let's be serious.

Whisk has taken me on a whirlwind of a journey, and I've got a feeling that she's got many more tricks up her sleeve. Totally ready though, and looking forward to the challenges ahead. I wanted to pop up on your busy AF newsfeed to plop my most recent creations and updates in here-and I want to start with my absolute favorite.  It's the video that I worked on with Tyler. You know, Tyler Murgo, the one who's photos fill my feed (the nice ones at least, I admit to some not so great ones being mine, hi I'm learning). This video was probably one of the most fun things that Tyler and I have gotten to work on together. We locked ourselves inside and talked about lighting, cake, and my ever so awkward concentration faces for the length of shooting time. We laughed, there was only one breakdown, and then we laughed again. I'm so grateful to have such a talented person in my life, and I still can't believe his insane amount of skill behind a camera, behind a computer screen, and as an artist. I invite you to watch the video, and let us know what you think! You might've seen it as my original post a bit back, but I really think that it needed to pop back up, just to show off what this guy can do and get you craving some cake! If you're in the business of looking for a creative spin on your business (or life) in the form of film or photo, I recommend no other than this insanely gifted individual. He's working on some really cool things, and you'll see his name coming up more often in the scene, so grab him while you can- I can honestly say there's no comparison. 

Along with that, I've been baking up some type of magic in the kitchen. I'm constantly taken aback by the creativity that fills my inbox. I have customers who have visions, and some who let me take the reigns- and both are so exciting. It's graduation season, and the start of wedding season, so my time has been spent focusing on how to best serve my clients and give them the most personal experience possible. I've met some insanely amazing people and made connections that will hopefully last long past the cake being sliced. I'll add some recent photos in here (a mix between shots from myself and Tyler as well), and you should most definitely check out Whisk's instagram for the most recent and updated pieces.

OH WAIT. I forgot to mention. Whisk has reached a new life level. An instagram official level. It was hard to give up my personal page in the name of Whisk, but you can now find all that Whisky Business at @WhiskMeAwayRI and I have moved my personal page to a new account. Although business is nothing but a pleasure, I knew that it was time to add some separation to the game.

Let's wrap this post up by saying where you can find me in the upcoming weeks. I'll be posted up at the Aquidneck Grower's Market at Newport Vineyards every other Saturday. My next market is Saturday June 30th, and then Saturday July 14th, and then..I think you get the idea, the every other Saturday thing. If you're ever confused, check out my 'Events' tab, because guess who finally added a Calendar of Events? HAY.  With the busiest season revving up, I'll be popping up a bit less to give my clients the most attention possible. BUT- as always- reach out to me for your next special occasion! I'm always taking orders for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, or your typical Tuesday when you just need some cake for lunch. 

On that note, I've got some blondie and brownie fans who may be a bit pleased to know that you can find a few steady sources in our lil' state. I've branched out into a new field that is new, scary, but very welcome. You can find those babes at Stock Culinary Goods on Hope St. in Providence, and The Pantry in Rumford and Coffee Exchange on Wickenden! Stop in, show some love, and try out a treat if you haven't yet!


I hope you're all staying sweet, and eating sweet. 

Talk Soon!